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Meet Us At Web Summit 2018 – Altice Arena, Lisbon

During November 05-08 ThinkPalm will be exhibiting in the upcoming and largest tech conference in the world seeking for the new opportunities and tech inspiration. We will showcase our powerful backend solution for Enterprise Solutions, Mobile App Development, Internet of Things, DevOps, Testing Services, New Product Adaptation,RPA, Business Intell Read more

ThinkPalm at Gitex 2018

ThinkPalm will be participating in the GITEX Technology Week, Dubai for the sixth consecutive year. The event, being held from 14th – 18th October, 2018 at Dubai World Trade Centre will have us showcasing our technological expertise in Enterprise Solutions, Mobile App Development, Internet of Things, DevOps, Testing Services, New Product Adaptati Read more

Understanding Rundeck…

Rundeck is an open-source tool that helps to define build, deploy and manage automation. It provides web console, CLI tools, and a Web API. It is written in Java and allows you to run tasks across a set of nodes. Role based access control policy gives more flexibility to manage different user access permissions. Process automations are defined as j Read more
Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Deployment

Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Deployment

A practice that is becoming swiftly popular and integral in the software development process is Continuous Integration (CI). It is a software engineering practice where individual changes are immediately tested and integrated to a larger repository. It helps developers seamlessly detect bugs at an early stage, as each check-in is verified by an au Read more
Thinkpalm - HPE

ThinkPalm Partners with HPE for Futuristic IIoT Solutions

ThinkPalm has joined the HPE Technology Partner Program  to develop cutting edge IIoT solutions using the HPE LoRa platform. The partnership is a coveted opportunity to bolster the technology proficiency of our resource pool through HPE development tools and testing resources, to cater to the app development needs of global LoRa customers. Read more

Popular Open Source Tools for Security Testing

What is Security Testing? Security testing is performed to ensure that the data within an information system is protected and not accessible by unauthorized users. It protects applications against serious malware and other unanticipated threats that may crash the application. It helps to figure out all the loopholes and weaknesses of the system in Read more
Automation Challenges and Solutions - Robot Framework

Automation Challenges and Solutions – Robot Framework

Automation Testing - Robot Framework Automation has gained significant importance in present times with the rise in demand for agile and DevOps. For continuous integration and delivery, we require tests that run quickly and reliably. On the other hand, this demand is making test automation complicated and challenging. Robot Framework is an open s Read more
Docker Engine

Docker Demystified…

Containers VS Virtual Machines Virtual Machines (VMs) and Containers differ only on few dimensions; while VMs provide a virtualized environment to run multiple OS instances (see figure a), containers provide a method to isolate applications and act as a virtual platform for more applications (see figure b). Containers offer a way to virtualize an Read more
Apache JMeter

Performance Testing Using Apache JMeter

Why conduct Performance Testing? Performance Testing, as you might be well aware, is one of the prominent and critical testing methods practiced in the software industry.  Poorly performing applications can harm a company's  reputation by failing to meet the expected sales goals. Performance Testing is thus conducted to provide customers with in Read more
Mainframe-Based Network

Introduction to Mainframe Networking

A computer network or data network is a set of points interconnected by communication links for receiving as well as transmitting data. Based on the structure of a business, a network can be as simple as two personal computers connected locally on a network or as complex as internet. We employ various methods for sending and receiving data such as Read more
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