Enterprise. Mobility. Communication

“Ensuring positive results while remaining committed to quality!”

With deep domain expertise, exceptional partner ecosystem and global reach, ThinkPalm’s solutions put things in perspective. ThinkPalm cuts through the fog and provides clear-headed solutions, no matter how complex it may look to others. High-end performance and skilled engineers with experience is the cornerstone of our development process. We bring our customers a wide array of specialized solutions that help them meet their business requirements. You can go ahead and optimize your business offerings with reduced total cost of ownership and enhanced productivity, while we silently work in the background fine-tuning processes and smoothening out the edges.

Our cutting edge solutions include “Q Aud” to automate the audit process, “Astra” to improve the efficiency of school transport system, “Avishkar“ for effective network device management, the unified network management solution “NetShack“, digital signage software “InterPlay“ and our off the shelf Protocol Stacks.

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