Mobile Audit, Process Check and Inspection Tool

“Auditing at your fingertips”

Q-Aud, the mobile audit management software, eases the long and arduous audit process, no matter which vertical you take. The quality management system reduces the audit time by more than 40% and realizes audit report generation at a click.

Q-Aud can be used across myriad verticals such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharma, Aviation, Oil & Gas and Retail. It can be customised for different standard audits in these verticals such as ISO audits, OHSAS audits, ISAGO audits and more. The enterprise audit software can also easily adapt to internal quality and safety processes, thus helping in internal audit requirements.

Q-Aud - Mobile Audit, Process Check and Inspection Software



Key Features

  • iOS/Android native application
  • Integrated desktop/laptop based docking application for detailed report preparation
  • Web server application for checklist configuration and assignment
  • Evidence capturing for individual audit checklist items. Media supported are picture, video, free hand drawing and voice
  • Quick reports & audit summary preparation engine


  • Automates audit procedures, resulting in a 40 % reduction in the total audit time
  • Information is made available anytime,anywhere!
  • Saves time & improves efficiency
  • Performs data analytics – Data consolidation, Trend analysis, Grading
  • Reduces paperwork
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